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Becoming a solo skydiver involves taking 7-8 levels of skydiving training. During your very first solo freefall, you'll be accompanied by two experienced skydiving trainers who will maintain contact with you throughout your jump. Throughout your training course, you will be regularly tested on your know-how and in-flight skydiving skills such as body positioning, canopy control and emergency procedures. Each and every level of skydiving school training includes in-flight training alongside experienced skydive experts.

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For the first three training skydives by a new pupil, the Skydive Macon Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) system dictates that two jump masters accompany the student. The coaches freefall with the student and hold on until the student deploys their canopy at the proper height. Hence, this method is referred to as ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ There is no physical connection to the student other than the hand hold and once the student deploys their canopy, the instructors fly a safe distance away and deploy their own canopies.

The Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) canopy release altitude is commonly set at 5,500 feet above ground level (AGL.) If the trainee encounters trouble in the release of their parachute, our coaches first use hand signals to remind the student to "Pull." Usually, the hand signals are sufficient to remind the student skydiver to pull their parachute, but if they still do not respond, the instructor will try to place the student's hand on the pilot chute release. If the student continues to be nonresponsive, the coach will release the canopy for them. The instructor has the authority to pull the student's main parachute at any time the student appears to be at risk. Additional "pull" handles are positioned on student gear providing more access for coaches.

The student can progress to higher level skydives once they have shown that they can deploy their own parachute and land safely. On release skydives there is a chance that an instructor may not have the ability to dock and assist at pull time, so it is important that the student has absolutely learned the skills needed to pull on their own accord.

With sky diving instruction at this level, the safety of our Skydive Macon partner instructors is paramount. Therefore, all coaches have a firm "hard deck" at which they have to deploy their own parachutes. All student gear is outfitted with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) which will immediately release the reserve chute if they pass the set altitude limitation at freefall speeds. AAD activations are exceptionally rare but they are an essential piece of gear to protect from improbable mishaps.

In training, every Skydive Macon student's understanding of skill-sets discovered in the previous AFF level will determine the length of time it takes to progress to the next. In the beginning, instructors have the opportunity to use hand signs to correct the student's body position throughout the fall, and subsequent instruction to improve form after the jump, ensuring a thorough building of proper body mechanics as the trainers freefall with the trainee. Later levels are composed of only one trainer, and consist of the student being asked to complete a set of aerial procedures, including turns, flips and fall rate control, illustrating that the student can restore control after a period of instability.

During the Accelerated Freefall Training course, every trainee will be required to participate in and successfully pass every Targeted Learning Objective to proceed to the following level. Every AFF instructor has the given authority to validate each students personal completion of their required TLOs at each level progression. During AFF jumps, the student is in continuous contact with personnel on the ground that aid in guiding their freefall, but the trainee must have the capabilities to land on their own in case of a radio failure.

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A USPA application is given to each AFF student, and they're encouraged to join before completion of the AFF training course. Call Skydive Macon today at 770-684-3483 and start your freefall training today!